What is life coaching?

Imagine allowing yourself to be who you really are, no masks, no outside expectations, no demands from anyone, just you being you. Now imagine doing that in the presence of someone who cares and accepts you just the way you are now, someone who is caring, supportive, trusting, honest and an accountable partner. Imagine taking step by step towards that which makes you happy, brings you joy, fulfills you and gives your life purpose. You and I can be these two people. I can provide you with the best environment so that you can become the person you always imagined yourself to be.

I consider life coaching to be the ultimate art of human interaction!


how it works

The dreams, hopes aspirations and authenticity come from you, the client. The steps and results also come from you. I provide you with the space in which all exploration is possible. This space is filled with unconditional acceptance, patience, love, support, honesty, truth and accountability.

My role is to ask the questions. Yours is to find your answers.


my coaching vision

In this exquisite space of personal interaction, I will support you to surface from within yourself, your authenticity, joy, freedom to be who you really are and personal power.

It is an honor and a privilege to partner up with you in the highest form of human existence: imagining and dreaming what is possible. I consider myself to be a facilitating agent in your expression of JOY, FREEDOM AND AUTHENTICITY.


clients whom i serve best

Can find themselves meeting these criteria:

  • Are either going though or have recently gone through a major shift in their lives
  • Are perhaps experiencing a breakdown of "how things have always been"
  • Are feeling that how they have lived their lives up to this point, no longer applies or works well; relationships, work, finances, child rearing etc. have become challenging and require change
  • Face confusion as to why what they have known, no longer works
  • Feel resitant to change and/or don't know how to change
  • Are wondering if there is more to life than what they have been experiencing
  • Have felt a strong pull to be authentically themselves, perhaps for the very first time
  • Are drawn to exploring their spirituality, even if they don't know what that means
  • Are feeling internal discord and emotional anguish without knowing their source
  • Acknowledge that there is a small but relentless voice within that encourages them to reach out for something new, to grow and explore
  • Want to be understood at a deep level of their being and their current support system (family, friends) cannot fulfill that need
  • Have tried to deal with these changes on their own but have found themselves falling short