You have the ultimate power to choose your life purpose and your destiny. You are indeed free to be, do and have anything you choose. There may be moments when you believe that is not possible. What is standing in the way of this reality are your beliefs about it. When we work together we start out by looking at what your current reality is and what beliefs and thoughts support that reality. We will also explore together how these beliefs support (or not) that which you choose for yourself and how they line up (or not) with your vision of the future. Once you become clear how your current thought system serves you (or not), I will support you to let go of anything that is dis-empowering or no longer serving you. I will also support you to discover and choose what thoughts line up with your dreams, aspirations and visions.



What brings you joy? What makes you get up in the morning and gets your engine going? What is it that you would rather do more than anything else in the world? We can explore these questions together and find out, step by step, how you can start making these dreams a reality. What if you don't know what those dreams are? We can explore together what you are willing to try in order to feel that joy and vitality in your life. Chances are you have already experienced those things in your life. Together we can delve into what would support the feelings of joyfulness, happiness and thrill in your daily existence. What would you commit to practicing to continually experience these energies?

showing up in the world

Given your new found freedom in your beliefs and your clarity in what brings you joy and happiness, how will you show up in the world? How will you be different than before? What gifts and abilities are you willing to share with the world to support the highest vision you have for yourself? As your coach, I will hold that vision for you, as you explore step by step how you can make it a reality. I will help you find ways to discover the resources, the people and the structures that will allow you maintain this reality on a sustainable basis. Ultimately, you will know for yourself who your true and authentic Self is, and how what you think, be and do lines up with that Self. As my own coach asked me once, so I will ask you: "What will you stand for in this world?"
You will also know that the power to choose anew is your birthright and is always in you. The choice to choose is yours!

I am ecstatic to be a partner, supporter and vision holder and for you. It is truly a gift, a blessing, an honor and a privilege to journey with you. When you are ready to experience the magic and power within yourself, contact me, to journey there together.



  • One on one coaching - please contact me to discuss this coaching option
  • Group coaching