Here is what Mea's Clients are saying

"I recommend Mea for her coaching because she is coaching from her heart. In our calls I felt a strong connection with her. The way she asked questions is not from her own agenda, but it is from a heart to heart connection in order to find my own Authenticity. The way she lead the coaching sessions was great, it was easy for me to find my own answers . She always asked if things serve me. If yes then, great. If things didn't serve me, she coached me to a deeper level, very calm and slow. She took the time for me to bring to the surface the answers that were meaningful to me . After the session I was full of energy and ready to bring out my new understandings and put them in practice.
For me, Mea coached and connected with me in a way that would be described in words such as Self-Confidence, Equality, Empathy and Trust. This resonated with me more than ever before so that I could serve my self and others in a new and better way that works for me.
It was wonderful.
Thank you Mea! "

Patrick H., Belgium

"Mea has guided me through an incredibly difficult period of my life. She has always given me space to talk about whatever I wanted to discuss, put me at ease when I was having a particularly hard time, and always created a positive, comfortable, and totally non-judgmental environment to express my thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I have come to countless realizations and insights during my time with her and have become stronger and much more self-reliant throughout our sessions. I have felt blessed to be coached by Mea, who is skilled at her work, so obviously loves it, and genuinely cares about her client's well-being, progress and fulfillment."

Clare W., Berlin, Germany


"I can't help but think of a Buddha when I think of Mea.  She is intuitive and insightful in a simple yet profound way.  She held the space for me in a loving way so that I could explore and open up to my own possibility.  Oh, and she asked some really great questions in order to get me there!"

Cate B., Nelson, Canada


"Mea is a coach who empathizes and coaches at a deep level.  Her presence and listening skills provide her with a backdrop to flow with the client and ask questions that naturally uncover awareness and understanding of one's life and purpose.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have Mea as my coach and for the awareness, growth and understanding I have gained from the experience."

Five words I would use to describe her as a coach:


Richard H., Raymond, Canada